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Mukesh Tanna's family is a family of entrepreneurs. His Grandfather traveled from India to East Africa on a sailboat in the 1900’s to start a trading business, serving the Indian workers who came to build the railway line across Africa.  His father exported textiles and spices across Africa during the Second World War.  Mukesh started his own first business in India in the late 70’s, manufacturing trouser material. He sold that business in 1981 and after acquiring his CA designation, moved to Kenya, Africa.

Over the next 30 years Mukesh forged a world-class expertise on the art and science of building successful businesses in every industry, from Iron & Steel to IT, Food, Insurance, Manufacturing and even Radio.  His work experience has taken him around the world, gaining mastery with the largest accounting firms right down to helping small business leaders succeed.  His goal was to be able to help the small business owner where it mattered most.

Mukesh recognized that the small business owner needs much more than just accounting and compliance services.  In Canada alone, nearly 20,000 businesses, which are 15% of new start-ups, fail each year. Around 83% of small businesses face a serious financial literacy gap, with over half reporting that ‘cash flow’ was the primary problem. Small business owners need the financial insights required to avoid the many pitfalls of running a business.  For this reason Mukesh created “The Small-Biz CFO”, a professional service company that gives small businesses the insights that typically only large corporations could afford — giving business owners the road maps and strategies that allow them to truly succeed.

Mukesh currently lives in Milton, Ontario, Canada with his wife, daughters and Sparky, an American Eskimo.

Our Goal: First, find out the small business owner's problems and then help solve them.

How we help.

We offer more than just accounting and tax services. Our services are relevant to the business owner as we provide insights and analysis on the performance of his enterprise. We can provide them with information that will let them know how their business is performing and what they need to do, so as to grow their business and achieve their goals.

  • Attention to detail

  • Focus on the client

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  • Flexibility

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We work regularly with business owners  to recognize key accounting, tax and business problems and suggest  cost effective solutions.

Areas we stand out

Trusted adviser

We consider ourselves as the most significant professional collaborator to businesses; we proactively “ butt in” with alternative ways of doing things and take a trusted adviser approach. We ask ourselves these questions about the business. •How can we save them time or money? •What better systems can we suggest? •How can we prove our worth? •How can we reduce costs or increase revenue ?

Cloud technology

We are tech aware CPA’s and know that there are many cloud based applications that will help our small business clients take advantage of this technology.  We have the expertise to help the business owner find that cloud software that will meet his businesses need. However, we will first make big picture inquiries about the present software programs, to confirm that the system is automated, integrated, mobile and cloud based.

Systems and processes

"Fundamentally, every business is a system: a collection of processes that, together, reliably produces an intended result. The more you focus on improving your business systems, the better results you’ll produce. It’s as simple as that."

— Extract from  foreword by Josh Kaufman, author of The Personal MBA and The First 20 Hours- For Work The System, by Sam Carpenter.

Business planning

Many small businesses do not write up a business plan. However, there are numerous entrepreneurs who swear by a business plan as it is an important part of their success. By creating a business plan one is required to think about issues and problems that they may come across and is forced to consider solutions or alternatives in advance. A business plan is a guide and silent partner for the business owner. It indicates the pitfalls and how to overcome them and also helps you to be aware of change in circumstances which could entail changing the plan.

Cash flow & budgets

Cash flow planning is projecting future cash inflows from sales, services, and loans, and comparing them to future cash out flows.  The difference between the two is net cash flow. For all businesses cash flow projections can make the difference between success and failure, as cash is king.

A budget keeps the business on track and actual results are compared with those budgeted. The variances are looked into so corrective action can be taken. Budgets are prepared every year and can be quite an extensive exercise at the end of each year.

Dashboard & KPI's

Many businesses have put in place a comprehensive, highly readable dashboard (digital) of key performance indicators. A dashboard arranges information from a database into a snapshot. One can quickly  view this with the click of a mouse. A dashboard condenses an organization’s most valuable information and can improve organisation’s effectiveness. A dashboard shows key indicators of financial performance, operations and service. This report could be color-coded to show (for example) whether performance is on target (green), better than expected (blue) or worse than expected (red).

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"We truly appreciate everything you are doing for us. Thank you for all the support.

Make it an outstanding day."

Somanna Konerira
President, Sigma Compressors Inc.

We can take your business up to the clouds!

It's not just cloud accounting software. The Small-Biz CFO is by your side.

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